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  • In the Avengers World tie-in story, Stingray is recruited into Inverted Doctor Doom's Avengers. At first Stingray is partially considered a joke when he tries to offer assistance during a fire despite not really having any abilities that would be useful. Then, he he pulls a Taking the Bullet and shields Valeria from the Inverted Scarlet Witch's blast and manages to withstand it, followed by him diving underwater to save innocent people.
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  • in the final battle Deadpool, now a pacifist as a result of the inversion, successfully manages to get through to APOCALYPSE to fight his genocidal desires and help save the world.
  • Iron Man needs time to reboot his systems. Deadpool simply drags him from safe spot to safe spot.
  • Nova taking a punch to the head from Kluh that gives him brain damage, shatters his helmet and knocks him all the way to Paris... and getting up and going after Kluh again as soon as he regains consciousness. And WINNING.
  • Hobgoblin taking out Goblin Knight by tricking him into impaling himself with his Goblin Glider.
  • The now-good Carnage performing a Heroic Sacrifice to stop the bomb created by evil X-Men to kill all non-mutants.
  • Inverted Loki takes on inverted Thor by lifting Mjolnir and briefly becoming the god of thunder.

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