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There are a lot of awesome moments in these stories. Prepare to have your mind blown.

The Amazing Spider-Mare

  • Scootaloo's first fight with the Lizard.
    • After being thrown like a ragdoll, she sees a police mare protecting an innocent foal from the Lizard. The cop looked like she was ready to die in protection of a foal she probably hadn’t even met before. Scootaloo realized what it meant to be a hero. It meant being a shield to protect the innocent from pain and suffering.
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    • The crowd even defended Scootaloo when the police tried to arrest her. A mare, who's child was almost eaten, even called Scootaloo a hero. The crowd cheers for her as she swings through the night.
  • Pinkie Pie, yes, Pinkie Pie fighting the Lizard with arrows. Including an arrow with a bomb attached to the monster's stomach.
    Pinkie Pie: If that didn’t kill it I’m calling bull shit.
  • Scootaloo final battle with the Lizard, while teaming up with Pinkie.

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