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  • The Incredible Flutterage:
    • The entire conversion between General Hurricane and Rainbow Dash:
      Rainbow Dash: I know the armor must have looked great on T.V. General, but trust me. Maintenance is a bitch. Really I'm doing you a favor keeping it to myself.
      General Hurricane: Ms. Dash, I'm not asking for it. I am demanding you relinquish the Iron Mare armor to the Equestrian military immediately.
      Rainbow Dash: What was that? Some things wrong with the signal here.
      General Hurricane: Everything sounds fine to me.
      Rainbow Dash: Right, tell ya what. I gotta go, but I'll be sure to send a shipment of our new non-lethal pacification systems. Even give ya a discount. Bye now.
      General Hurricane: No, Ms. Da- (line goes dead) Insufferable brat.

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