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Tear Jerker / Marvelous Little Ponies Universe

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Just because it's a Marvel/MLP crossover, doesn't mean it's all sunshine and rainbows. Here are some sad moments. I'd advise you to bring a lot of tissues.

The Amazing Spider-Mare

  • Carrot Cake's death. What makes this worse is that the last time Scootaloo saw her uncle, they got into an argument about her getting suspended for a week after a fight in school. Scootaloo goes for a walk to clear her mind. A guy runs off with Diamond Tiara's purse and Scootaloo lets the robber get away. When Scootaloo returns to Sugar Cube Corner, the police are there, Cupcake is in tears, the twins alright, but with fear and sadness in their eyes.
    • What drags this deeper, Featherweight had a sketch of the killer and tried to hide it from Scootaloo, but she managed to snatch it from him. It was the stallion that had stolen Diamond’s purse. The stallion Scootaloo had let walk away. Let that thought sink into your head. Because of letting the robber get away, Scootaloo unintentionally got her uncle murdered.

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