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Marvelous Little Ponies Universe is a retelling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other Marvel films, using characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, originally created by TheInvincibleIronBrony. Co-written by Avenging-Hobbits, Otto Octavius, General Soarin, Spideremblembrony, and Billy Mischief.

As of March 17th, 2018, the fanfic has been cancelled.

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  • MLPU: The Amazing Spider-Mare: Orphaned at a young age Scootaloo was raised by her Aunt and Uncle Cake. She's had a pretty average life. She goes to school, gets picked on and doesn't seem to have much in the way of friends. Yeah, average... for her at least. However, everything she's ever known comes crashing down around her as the mysterious circumstances surrounding her parent's deaths comes to light. Now she must make the difficult choice between the path of vengeance and the journey of a hero as she becomes The Amazing Spider-Mare! Complete.
    • MLPU: Spider-Mare: Cat's Claws: Just a few weeks after defeating the Lizard, teenage superhero Scootaloo, aka the Amazing Spider-Mare, is continuing her crusade against crime. However, the Daily Bugle, a widely popular newspaper, begins a smear campaign against the wall-crawler. Meanwhile Scootaloo's classmate and frequent enemy, Diamond Tiara, begins her own journey of self-discovery. Trying to protect her father from the leader of Manehattan's criminal underworld, Mr. Fiscal, she dawns the guise of the Black Cat. However, Spider-Mare gets in the way trying to stop Diamond from making choices she can't take back. Who will win this game if Cat and Spider? Complete.

  • MLPU: The Invincible Iron Mare: Rainbow Dash, a talented young flyer, rich, inventor of some of the most advanced technologies in Equestria and to the pleasure of stallions everywhere, and single. However, her cushy life takes a turn when she is mortally wounded and taken hostage by a radical Diamond Dog terrorist group. But Rainbow creates her greatest invention in order to escape. When her back is to the wall Rainbow Dash will become The Invincible Iron Mare. Complete.
    • MLPU: Dating the Iron Mare: Caramel is a simple stallion. He has simple tastes and doesn't own anything extravagant. The most adventurous thing he ever did was ask out his boss Rainbow Dash, a.k.a. Iron Mare. Needless to say, he's nervous about being up to snuff with the models and movie stars she's been with before. Can Caramel keep himself together or will he will he crash and burn before the date even starts?

  • MLPU: Twilight Sparkle: Princess of Thunder: Armed with her mighty hammer Mjolnir, Twilight protects her home, Equinsgard the realm eternal. But after a failed attempt to learn how a small force of Windigos broke into her home and thus starting a war, Twilight is banished from her home. To her despair, she is banished to Midgard where she meets Minuette, a unicorn bent on understanding the secrets of the universe. Can Twilight regain her honor in time to protect her new friend or will her brother, Shining Armor, destroy all she cares about? Watch as Twilight becomes one of Equestria's mightiest heroes. Complete.

  • MLPU: The Incredible Flutterage: Fluttershy is a young biological researcher trying to find out why a population of rabbits near Dogder City is fading away. A fellow researcher comes to her with a solution to the problem. Gamma Radiation. Unwilling to test on the rabbits Fluttershy tests the experiment in herself first. The results are catastrophic. Years later the timid pegasus is on the run and searching for a cure. Can she find a way out before General Hurricane finds her? Complete.

  • MLPU: Captain Equestria: The First Harmony: At the height of the Minotaur War, young Applejack is forced to watch from the sidelines as her younger sister is sent off to fight in the war. However, Applejack isn't the kind of pony that just sits around when there's something she can do and she is quickly recruited into a government program after a failed attempt to join the Equestrian Army. With the help of Dr. Reinstien, a goat scientist trying to save his home from the Minotaur's, and the cocky young Comet Dash, Applejack intends to become the greatest Equestrian Hero: Captain Equestria! Will her new power be enough to stop the Infamous Red Skull and his brother Baron Flam? Cancelled.

  • MLPU: Iron Mare and Spider-Mare: After losing his job at Bluecorp, Avian Tombs takes a job from an unknown benefactor to kill the assassin Ghost. Iron Mare and Spider-Mare arrive in time to thwart his plans but have a difficult time staying out of each other's way as they try to keep Ghost alive. Cancelled.

  • MLPU: Guardians of the Galaxy: Taken from earth as a child, Solar Wind has lived as a Ravager, an outlaw of the lowest respect. Screw Ball, an assassin for hire, wants nothing more than to escape the shadow of her families bloody legacy. Gilda, known as the destroyer, seeks revenge for the deaths of her family at the hands of the Kree empire. Angel and Bloomberg, highly skilled mercenaries, just want a payday. When a powerful artifact, thought lost to time, surfaces on the edge of Xandarian space, they are forced to work together, by the Nova corps, to stop Last Rites, a Kree warlord, from destroying all that oppose him. Cancelled.

  • MLPU: Cat Scratch: Rich Shipping continues to suffer after losing two of it's largest clients and Filthy Rich has to cut Diamond Tiara's allowance preventing her from affording the season's designer clothing. Forced to find a new source of income, Diamond turns to her alter ego, the Black Cat, for a possible solution. Cancelled.

     Tropes presented in The Amazing Spider-Mare 
     Tropes presented in The Invincible Iron Mare 
     Tropes presented in Twilight Sparkle: Princess of Thunder 
     Tropes presented in The Incredible Flutterage 
     Tropes presented in Guardians of the Galaxy 
     Tropes presented in Captain Equestria: The First Harmony 
     Tropes presented in Cat Scratch 
     Tropes presented in Spider-Mare: Cat's Claws 
     Tropes presented in Dating the Iron Mare 
     Tropes presented in Iron Mare and Spider-Mare 

Tropes that contain:

  • Action Mare: Most of the mane six, including Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Downplayed with Gilda. who in canon is a jerk, but in this universe is the counterpart to Drax the Destroyer, so more likely Adaptational Antiheroism.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Cheerliee becomes the Lizard.
    • Flim is the counterpart to Red Skull, while his brother Flam is the counterpart of Baron Zemo.
    • Shining Armor is the kind-hearted big brother of Twilight; here, he is the envious, manipulative counterpart to Loki.
  • Foreshadowing: These stories tend to have a lot of foreshadowing. For example:
    • The Amazing Spider-Mare:
      • While Scootaloo and Featherweight sat in a small café, sharing an order of hayfries, A news outlet reports in that well-known business tycoon and inventor Comet Dash and his daughter Rainbow kidnapped by a Diamond Dog terrorist group that has been wreaking havoc in that section of Northern Equestria.
      • As punishment for not revealing Spider-Mare's identity, Pinkie Pie is assigned to Appleoosa, where strange weather storms have been occurring outside of town.
    • The Invincible Iron Mare:
      Fancy Pants: "I am Director Fancy Pants of S.H.I.E.L.D.," the stallion said with authority, the name of the organization sparking Rainbow's interest. "And I'm here to talk to you about the Harmony Initiative."
  • One Degree of Separation:
    • When Rainbow ask why she couldn't tell the press she's a hero, Rarity has this to say:
      Rarity: Absolutely not. Spider-Mare is enough of a problem.
      • Both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo would team up eventually.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Scootaloo's reaction when she realized the robber she let away killed her uncle. Ushers this trope nearly word for word when she accidentally killed the robber in a fit of rage.
  • Related in the Adaptation:
    • Scootaloo is Carrot Cake and Cupcake's niece and the cousin of Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake.
  • Thou Shall Not Kill: Scootaloo follows this rule after accidentally killing her uncle's murderer in a fit of rage.

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