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Awesome / Marque and Reprisal

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  • The privateer against an attack helicopter. she jumps from a rooftop, fires point-blank range at the c cockpit, and then transforms her Cyclone into bike mode and lands on a ramp.
  • The privateer hopping on top of an elephant that was part of a stampede that scattered both Purifier troops and Invid mecha.
  • Gabe tsking the stick if an Alpha, over a year after his first combat mission, and splashing two Invid.
    • Not to mention the privateer surviving her first dogfight in a Beta with no prior combat fighter experience.
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  • After the Battle of New York, many people in Manhattan raised the American flag in times Square and sang the national anthem.
  • When an Ocean Patrol commando threatens to kill Itzak, after being exposed as an Invid, the privateer gets between them, and presses her forehead against the barrel of the weapon, knowing that he would almost certainly kill her. The commando chooses to stand down.
  • The duel between Solzie, in her Invid Overlord veritech, and the privateer, in her VFB-09 Beta veritech, during the Battle of Reflex Point, starting from tis core, to the exterior grounds, going up into the sky, and then into low Earth orbit, ending when the Invid leave Earth.
  • The rescue of the SDF-3 Pioneer
    • The rescue ships pick up a broadcast of Minmei's song "Stage Fright". Hidden within that signal is a coded message. Roy's little brother is here.
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    • the enemy arrives just soon after the rescue flotilla does. There is a fierece battle.
    • The tide of battle is turned when the the Invid, under the command of Itzak, arrives to save the day.
    • Just as an enemy ship tries to ram the Ark Angel and the SDF-3, Scott Bernard flies into the hangar of the enemy ship and blows it up from the inside.
    • Finally, Scott is rescued by Itzak.

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