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Awesome / LEGO Jurassic World

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  • The ability to not only play as Dinosaurs, but you can also create your own dinosaur hybrids!
  • Any time you take control of one dinosaur against the other. It reaches its peak both in Jurassic Park where the team indirectly helps Rexie fight of The Big One, and Jurassic World where the humans and raptors directly team up against Indominus.
  • In the Jurassic Park III level, Eric actually manages to fight off a bunch of baby Pteranodons, in stark contrast to his film counterpart.
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  • The Indominus vs Ankylosaurus fight is a lot longer in the game than in the movie, which is one for the Ankylosaur. After two melees between the two are interrupted by Zach and Gray helping the Ankylo with a distraction, the Indominus figures out the way to disarm the armored dinosaur by catching its tailflail. When the kids break up that stalemate for the last time, the Indominus briefly uses her arms to challenge the Ankylo and the two titans clash for the last time.
  • Zara of all people getting the chance to be an Adaptational Badass before getting eaten.
  • The last InGen mercenary to be saved actually has Blue at his mercy before being grabbed by the Indominus and remains defiant despite it trying to eat him.
  • Once you complete all of the game's levels, you can unlock Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow as playable characters. Yes, you can play through the game as the director of Jurassic Park and the director of Jurassic World.
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  • Claire beating up a Dimorphodon to save Zach and Gray. Owen falls for her instantly.
  • Shortly after Claire releases Rexy to fight the I. rex, she strides in like a boss while Owen and the boys cheer.


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