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  • One of the first lines from the movie:
    Kimble: Oh, excuse me. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is John Kimble... (cocks gun) ...and I love my car.
    Random thug (immediately backing off): Yo, man, I'm just gonna keep a eye on it for you, all right?!
  • Two words: Police School. After Kimble has spent days making a buffoon of himself trying to manage the children, he hits upon an idea - use his own police training to his advantage, starting with one loud-ass whistle. After a day of putting the kids through their paces, the most unruly group of kids you can imagine are marching around school grounds in unison. Not only has he finally earned their respect, it softens Kimble up too - he may talk tough, but from here on in, his fatherly love for the children is obvious.
  • Be honest: You flat out cheered when Kimble punched the abusive father right in the gut and reported him to the police.
    • You probably cheered harder when Kimble stops because there are parents and his own students who are watching him, and he decides to press charges instead, like a responsible teacher would.
  • Kimble's partner, O'Hara, gets one too in the end. When the grandmother has Kimble cornered with O'Hara's own gun, O'Hara just finds a baseball bat and beats her to the ground.
    O'Hara: You're not so tough without your car, are you?
  • When Crisp grabs Dominic during the chaos at the school, and starts to carry him away through the crowds, the red-headed child in Kimble's class points at him and starts yelling 'STRANGER!'. The other kids quickly follow suit, allowing Kimble to see what's going on and take chase. It seems they really did learn something in class!

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