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  • Definitely "Blackout". The audience goes crazy when we get a glimpse of the cast stumbling about in the dark.
    • Sonny and Graffiti Pete's section, in which they protect the bodega and distract the vandals. We also see Pete "light" a firework, which looks very realistic. It's also all shades of FREAKING AWESOME.
    • During the reunion concert in 2013, when "Blackout" came on, a majority of audience members used their own cell phones to join in with the intro. Just goes to show how much of an impact this song has on its audience.
  • At the beginning of Act 2, a vest-clad Benny is seen standing on his fire escape. When a T-shirt clad (translation: post-coital) Nina comes out to join him, the audience applauded and cheered for so long, the actors had to start their dialogue over.
    • Which is followed by a Funny Moment:
    Nina: Are you ready to try again?
    Benny: I think I'm ready.
    • ...and then she starts to test Benny on Spanish vocab words.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony acceptance speech for Best Score. Complete with improvised rapping.
    I don't know about God but I believe in Chris Jackson!"
  • Towards the end of the play, Sonny hires Graffiti Pete to paint a mural of Abuela Claudia on the graffiti-defaced corner store grate. The mural convinces Usnavi, who disliked Pete before, to stay in Washington Heights.
  • Benny standing up to Kevin after being harassed for not being Latino through out the whole play and being fired deserves a mention.
  • Camila's solo "Enough," in which she tells Nina and Kevin that they both messed up royally, and that they better fix it.
  • Benny rapping in "96000" (probably the most famous number overall) about how he'd go to business school, get rich, and golf with either Donald Trump or Tiger his caddy. Particularly when you look at certain remarks Trump made during, and after, his presidential campaign.

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