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Headscratchers / In the Heights

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  • Why did Sonny's dad ask Usnavi whether he ever wondered why he pays Sonny in cash?
    • It's because Usnavi wasn't aware that Sonny is The Illegal and that the family had been paying him in cash so the government wouldn't be alerted to his presence. Usnavi thought Sonny was documented just like his dad.
  • Non-Spanish speaker asking here: I read somewhere that "sueñito" is only used when someone says they're a little sleepy. If this is an error, why would Spanish-speaking Usnavi (and Lin-Manuel Miranda) make it?
    • Native Spanish speaker here. Sueñito is the diminutive of sueño, which means both dream but also being sleepy.
  • Stanford is free for students whose families make less than $75,000 a year, and gives full tuition to families that make less than $150,000 a year. While I'm not entirely sure what a dispatch owner's salary is, it doesn't seem like their family is financially comfortable enough to meet those thresholds?
    • The cost of living in NY is relatively high, and even if you have free tuition, room and board can cost a lot, especially at a place like Stanford. It's also not counting other stuff that can cost a lot of money (books, lab fees, etc.).
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    • Stanford is in California, not New York, but the area is still fairly pricey to live in. It's a fictional version of Stanford though, so artistic license can come into play and say that in this universe, the free tuition rule doesn't exist.

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