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Awesome / Hercules (2014)

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  • Tydeus gets shot with an arrow. What does he do next? He breaks off the arrow, goes full Boromir and lays into the Thracian soldiers even as he keeps getting hit with more arrows.
  • Of course the scream from the trailers would be tied to a CMOA. Hercules is chained up and Amphiaraus is trying to inspire him to freedom before Ergenia can be executed. Just as his bonds snap, we get the call.
    Herc: I am HERCULES!
  • Just every time Hercules shows his, well, herculean strength.
    • Especially when fighting the wolves.
  • Iolaus sticking that bastard Sitacles right through the base of the neck.
    • Sitacles taking out Hercules just before that is his moment of awesome.
      • Hercules impaling Eurystheus with his sword when he asks for forgiveness for killing Hercules' family, with a Pre-Mortem One-Liner: Ask my family for forgiveness.


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