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Trivia / Hercules (2014)

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  • Disowned Adaptation: Steve Moore, writer of Hercules: The Thracian Wars, received no payment when it was picked up by a studio, contrary to his understanding of his publishing contract. He then requested that his name not be attached to the movie. Moore died in March 2014, but the filmmakers then promoted the movie in the condolences and obituaries that followed, despite his disowning of it. Moore also had been against the film for other reasons like removing Hercules's bisexuality. His friend Alan Moore (no relation), who brought all this to light, has accused the filmmakers of using his death as "free advertising" and urged a boycott of the movie. Regardless of the above, the film does at least have an In Memory of Steve Moore credit towards the very end of the end credits.
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  • Dueling Movies: With The Legend of Hercules, also released in 2014.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Dwayne Johnson went through nearly eight months of rigorous physical training in preparation for the role.
  • Follow the Leader: This was a part of a wave of films that followed up on the success of 300 when it created interest in hyper-stylized and more overtly fantastical Ancient Greece-themed movies.
  • In Memoriam: Steve Moore, creator of the original comic is given one of these during the very end of the film's credits.
  • Not Screened for Critics: The movie didn't receive a pre-release screening. Unlike many examples, the film was met with a So Okay, It's Average reception from critics.


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