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Fridge / Hercules (2014)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • King Cotys is crushed by the head of the statue of Hera, indicating that he had fallen out of her favor. Why? Because he attempted to murder his own daughter AND grandson for crossing him. What better way to tick off the Goddess of women, childbirth, the family, and marriage than trying to kill your own flesh and blood?
    • It's also a nice turnaround given that Hera first attempted to murder Hercules at birth, but consider that he was the offspring of a liaison between Zeus and a mortal woman and her anger resulted from him not being her flesh and blood (violating everything she stands for). It's fitting that she reconciles with Hercules to defeat a man who has on two occasions attempted to hurt his own flesh and blood.
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    • It's also a touch of Fridge Logic, given that betraying family like that should've gotten his army to turn on him, and that the Furies, not Hera, has first dibs on kinslayers in Greek mythology.
      • Not completely: the Furies have first dibs on kinslayers unless they offend another god in the process. Tantalus is a good example, as him killing his own children and serving their flesh at a banquet he had invited the Olympians resulted in an immediate Bolt of Divine Retribution from Zeus.
  • Fridge Horror: Earlier in the film, Before the reveal that the king is evil He asks Hercules to train and then lead some of his soldiers. What are the odds some of those men they killed in the climax, were the very troops they trained and fought beside last night?

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