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  • Josh Thomas, a homosexual, had decided to expose the Fridge Logic in the Phelps Family's extreme homophobic beliefs by asking Megan Phelps why God would create gay people if he hated them so much, via Twitter. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
    Josh:: She said, 'God filled some people with mercy for him to love and he filled others with hate, for him to kill.'
    Claire: But wait, she's the one who's full of hate so...
    Mikey: Claire, she's a whackjob.
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  • The Political Mastermind game. First for Mikey, as his score basically cemented his Bunny-Ears Lawyer status (as commented on the main page)... and second for the whole show. Claire refused to play when her turn came around, saying she'd rather call in '(her) friend Kevin' - Kevin Rudd, the fucking Prime Minister of Australia. (At the time, that is.)

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