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Awesome / Fist of Legend

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  • Chen Zhen is a walking moment of these:
    • Driving off a group of karate students who tried to force him out of Kyoto University (and broke his girlfriend's pen)
    • Singlehandedly invading Akutagawa's dojo
    • Delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Akutagawa.
    • Finally getting serious in his duel with Ting-An.
    • His duel with his girlfriend's uncle, Funakoshi Fumio, both wearing blindfolds when a dust storm kicks up.
      • Notably, this is the only fight Chen loses, though Fumio calls a draw.
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    • The final fight between Chen and Fujita, widely considered by aficionados as one of the greatest fight scenes of all time.
  • While Huo Ting-An gets Overshadowed by Awesome and suffers Badass Decay at the end, his earlier fights show that he deserves his title as Jingwu's headmaster
    • Defending his school's honor by curbstomping a rival martial arts master
    • When Akutagawa's students invade Jingwu, Ting-An throws himself into the thickest of the fighting and comes out unscathed.
  • General Fujita is an evil, murderous fanatic, but he's got a few moments of his own:
    • Defeating and killing Akutagawa in two blows.
    • Defeating Ting-An with just one arm, not moving from where he's standing.
    • Taking Chen Zhen to his absolute limit during their final duel.