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  • Fablehaven Kendra bravely seeks help from the Fairy Queen and when all hope seems to be lost, summons the fairies into war and saves the day.
    • Again in Grip of the Shadow Plague Kendra helps save the day with the Fairy Queen's help
  • In Rise of the Evening Star Seth relies on his own courage to defeat the revenant after the potion's effects wear off
    • It even impresses a demon
  • Kendra and Warren fighting off all sorts of traps and monsters to retrieve the artifact
  • Vannessa's pretty tough! after she's been locked away in the Quiet Box she still retains her cool and uses whatever she can to try and coax her way out
  • Kendra kills the Demon King. Sweet, gentle, can't lift a weapon to save her life Kendra channels her great inner magic for the first time, hamstrings a Physical God with her Cool Sword and then finishes him off. Not even the Fairy Queen had managed so much.
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  • Everything that Patton Burgess did in life. Crazy-Prepared does not begin to cover the insane amount of work he put into stopping the demon horde. He found secrets no one else could, slipped past guardians and outwitted or outfought hundreds of magical creatures. It says something when the Sphinx, an ancient Chessmaster that's persistently one step ahead of the heroes with a huge and talented organization at his disposal, does not even come close to what Patton did solo.
  • Bracken regaining his second horn and then using it to kill Mirav and The Gray Assassin near the end of Keys to the Demon Prison. Just try to read that passage and not picture it in glorious cinematic slow motion:
    Laughing, Bracken threw his sword aside and extended a hand toward the wizard. "To me," he said. Although Kendra understood the meaning of the words, she felt certain he was not speaking English. The unicorn horn leapt from the wizard's hand and streaked to Bracken, who caught it effortlessly. In his grasp, the horn immediately transformed into a sword with an opalescent hilt and a gleaming silver blade. Despite the cloudy sky, with the new weapon in his hand, Bracken suddenly appeared as if standing in sunlight. A new glow suffused his countenance, and a sudden fire flashed in his eyes. "The fool brought him his second horn," Janan murmured beside Kendra.
  • The first book of Dragonwatch has Seth's plan to get the scepter back: Send in his cousin, whose ignorance protects him from the dragons, and just have him grab it and run back, then escape on a half-tamed griffin to the Fairy Realm. The sheer Refuge in Audacity of it works so well, it takes the dragons a while to react.
    • This is quickly followed up by Kendra facing a dragon on her own for the first time. And not just any dragon, King Celebrant. And she denounces him as caretaker!

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