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  • After Seth opens the window, letting in the monsters that attack their family, Kendra and Seth are told to stay in their room. They can hear the sounds of a fight downstairs, but have no idea what is going on, or if their family and friends are even alive. Seth is absolutely distraught, and can’t stop crying. Kendra, who is completely terrified herself, takes the time to comfort Seth and tells him everything will be okay. She has no idea what’s going to happen, or if her grandfather is even alive, but darn it, she’s not going to let her little brother suffer.
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  • Newel and Doren saving Kendra and Seth from a hungry ogress. They’ve only just met them, and don’t know they’re the Caretaker’s grandchildren, they just do it on principle They dont even ask for anything in return! This is one of the first signs that Newel and Doren are good people.
  • Stan and Ruth reuniting for the first time after a few months, at least. Their reunion is chock full of Like an Old Married Couple


Society of the Evening Star

  • Kendra and Vanessa have a very sisterly relationship that is very sweet, until Vanessa is revealed to be the traitor.
  • Tanu comforting Seth when everyone is mad at him for sneaking out of the house and endangering his life. He shows him something that he knows will interest him and get his mind off things for a while. The advice Tanu gives him even ends up saving his life!
    • From the same scene, Dale promising Seth that they wont let Olloch kill him.
    Dale: He’ll have to eat me to get to you, whether you like it or not.
  • Even though they don't even know him very well at this point, Newel and Doren hold off Olloch armed with nothing but tennis rackets, so that Seth can escape.
    • Later, in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary when Seth tells Newel and Doren that Kendra is dead they apologize and try to cheer him up. Those two may be the comic relief, but they're good friends.
  • Stan and Ruth’s pure and utter joy after hearing Seth’s voice when they thought he was dead.
  • How does Seth defeat the revenant? By thinking of everyone depending on him.
  • Dale and Warren being reunited after about two years and embracing after the latter is restored.
    • Dale and Warren’s relationship is this in general. Not much is known about their past, but they clearly love each other dearly. Warren is in a coma for two years, and Dale takes care of him for every day of it. The chapter where he explains Warren’s condition to Kendra and Seth; you can see his love for his brother seeping through his words.
    Seth: What’ll you do if you can’t find a way to cure him?
    Dale: I’ll never know that day has come because I’ll never stop trying.
  • Kendra using The Sands of Sanctity to heal Vanessa Even after everything Vanessa had done to Kendra and her family.
    • Vanessa doesn't forget it either.
  • Kendra healing Stan with the Sands of Sanctity and her joy at being able to do so.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

  • Seth, Dale, and Tanu comforting Stan after they believe Coulter has died.
  • Hal’s treatment of Kendra and Gavin is this. It’s two kids in one of the most dangerous preserves going on a mission that has the potential to be deadly. He doesn’t patronize them or give them any Not Now, Kiddo treatment. Instead he gives them a personal tour around the preserve, shows them things that he thinks will interest them, and has them help him in some tasks. When Kendra and Gavin are disturbed or overwhelmed by different aspects of the preserve, he doesn’t make them feel bad or dumb about it, instead he apologizes and gives them the option to step away without feeling embarrassed. He’s one of the nicest characters from Lost Mesa.
    • It’s revealed at the end that he survived the fall of Lost Mesa.
  • All the members of the house comforting Tanu as he turns into a shadow.
  • Lena and Patton! Basically everything about their story is pure Heartwarming...
    • Especially When they meet again at the pond, and Lena leaps out of the water right into his arms, choosing the abandon her immortal life all over again
      • And Lena sacrificing herself in order to preserve her relationship with Patton.
  • Despite having made fun of him in the past, Doren is clearly upset after Verl succumbs to the shadow plague.
  • Kendra and Seth are absolutely overjoyed when they reunite with Coulter.
    • Likewise, Coulter and Lena are ecstatic to see each other. It’s clear the two are old friends.
  • Patton telling Kendra that he doesn’t blame her for Lena’s death, and that she shouldn’t blame herself.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

  • At the start of Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary when Seth the thinks that Kendra is dead...
    • Quote: "You better leave," Seth sobbed, cheeks soaked with tears...
  • Kendra and Seth reuniting after Seth believed Kendra to be dead for several weeks.. The second he hears that she’s home, he runs to her and tackles her in a hug. It catches even her by surprise.
    • Everybody else’s reaction in that scene also qualifies as this.
  • When Kendra and Seth are confronted by Nafia and are about to be eaten, Seth has just enough clarity to realize they’re about to die, and takes Kendra’s hand. Fortunately, this ends up being the very thing they needed to survive.

Keys to the Demon Prison

  • Newel and Doren decide to help Seth in his quest to save the world, officially marking them as heroes.
  • Before the opening of Zzyzx, to lighten the tension, people begin to make bets on who will be the last one standing. Bracken says his money goes on Hugo, only for Hugo to reply with: "No. Not last. Hugo save Seth. Hugo save Kendra."
  • The scene near the end where the Sorenson family is finally reunited, is chock full of Heartwarming

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