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Awesome / Event Horizon: Storm of Magic

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  • VENI takes on Ser Gregor Clegane aka "The Mountain" in a hand-to-hand fight. It ends quickly and most certainly NOT in the latter one's favor.
  • The Battle of Outpost B: Hey White Walkers and Wights, meet the power of SCIENCE!
  • Once the War Of Five Kings finally breaks out, both Tyrion Lannister and Robb Stark really shine through as capable leaders, able to utilize the new methods of warfare they've learnt from Earth. But special mention goes to Tyrion when he very publicly makes an example of Ser Amory Lorch for defying his orders. You do NOT fuck with the Halfdude.
    • An example dealing with logistics. In the original books, Robb had to make a deal with Walder Frey to cross his bridge or he wouldn`t be able to get to Riverrun on time, which screwed him over later on. Here, after having read books about Earth military strategies, he instead took a third option and built a pontoon bridge to get his troops across the river. To rub it in, he did it in full view of the Twins, although he did shoot down the ravens trying to alert the Lannisters. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to Riverrun on time, since Tyrion correctly guessed that his skirmishes with the Northern scouts were a diversion, and that Robb had somehow already crossed the river. He alerted his father to this, who reacted by immediately commencing an assault on Riverrun, resulting in the death of Robb's grandfather.
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    • During the battle of the Red Fork, Robb is the first one to apply the modern technology for defensive purposes - namely, the use of wire fences to hold off the Lannister cavalry, to devastating effect. And then he pulls out the "new guns" - Gatling guns.
  • After spending much of Book 1 holding the Idiot Ball, Fred finally gets called out on his bullshit by an extremely pissed off Robb Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. He gets an even better comeuppance just minutes later by the Company's CEO (his mother)
  • Emperor Karl Franz gets to do a Dynamic Entry against a Beastmen Warlord, and shrugs off its Black Magic attack before killing it with one swing of Ghal Maraz.


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