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  • Art of the Instakill, it doesn't miss a beat when switching between the different games used and uses musical cues from the respective games!
  • Dubstep Guns, which seems to have inspired a certain weapon in Saints Row IV.
  • Superman With a GoPro As Supes flies off to return a camera to it's owner's address he decides to use it to film a few minutes of his life. Much of it involving flying, beating up crooks and rescuing a woman from a fire.
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  • Getting Steven Ogg to reprise his role as Trevor for their GTA VR video.
  • Nerf John Wick, which has Niko doing some smooth Gun Fu choreography in the style of John Wick, but with Nerf guns.
  • Pretty much everything about Spider-Man: Cake Day, especially how Peter managed to render the entire short film in 15 days. Given the amount of CGI that this video required, that's a really impressive feat.
    Wren: How many VFX do you have to do?
    Peter: Uh...153.
    Wren: How long does each VFX take to do?
    Peter: If I rush...maybe an hour?
    Wren: So you have 153 hours of work there...and this video is coming out in 15 days.
    Peter: ...yeah.

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