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Awesome / Clash of the Titans (1981)

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  • On a meta-level: many kids at the time had no idea who Laurence Olivier was. His performance as Zeus made sure they wouldn't forget.
  • While his work was dated even in 1981, it was still fun to see Ray Harryhausen work one last time.
  • Seeing Zeus getting pissed off and his first command, "LET LOOSE... THE KRAKEN!"
  • The giant scorpion fight.
  • The fight with Medusa, where she's a terrifying figure who can't be looked at directly, and who can strike you well before you know where she is, where exactly those hisses are coming from. note  And the Visual Effects of Awesome; those are consistent flickering fire effects on a stop-motion animated figure!
  • The destruction of Argos, a good mix of old-school effects and real stuff of people washed with water. It indicates that much of the destruction was caused by massive waves before the Kraken even reached the city.
  • After being shown as a mostly calm lady, Thetis cuts loose when Cassiopeia says Andromeda is more beautiful than the goddess in her own temple. After causing a quake that shatters the head of the massive statue of Thetis loose, the goddess brings the head to life to speak right to the horrified crowd.
    Thetis: Hear me, o vain and foolish mortal woman! You dare compare your daughter's beauty to mine and in my own sacred sanctuary!
    • Thetis snaps that if Andromeda isn't sacrificed to the Kraken in thirty days, the Kraken will destroy all of Joppa. For an encore, she sets off another quake that shakes the place apart and sends the crowd scattering. Thetis may be a kind goddess but this shows her temper can rival Zeus'.
  • When Bubo rescues Pegasus from Calibos's followers.
  • Later, when it appears Perseus and Pegasus wont make it in time to save Andromeda. Bubo appears in an attempt to distract the Kraken long enough for help to arrive. Let me repeat, Bubo, the little mechanical owl often (rather harshly) accused of being The Scrappy faces down a creature more than fifty times his size.
    • More like five hundred times his size. He also pwned Calibos's giant vulture, which took a lot of nerve considering it wasn't something Bubo could've escaped from by flying away if he'd lost.
      • That vulture was a pussy, but Bubo didn't know that. It still took balls on Bubo's part.
  • When Andromeda insists on going with Perseus to find the Stygian Witches, she shows she's an Iron Lady instead of a Damsel in Distress.
    Perseus: I'll set out in search of the Stygian Witches on my own.
    Andromeda: No. We will ride with you as far as their shrine. It is a long and perilous journey.
    Perseus: Too perilous for a princess.
    Andromeda: You are not my lord and husband — not yet. In the absence of the Queen, it is I who'll command.
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  • Pegasus rising up out of the water after the battle with the Kraken; you can tell he was preening for all those who were watching.
  • Near the end, when Perseus seems to be down and out and when it comes time for the Kraken to be unleashed, Zeus sighs in defeat and tells Poseidon to release the Kraken... while sneakily putting up a figurine of Perseus to have him get a Heroic Second Wind.
  • How does Perseus solve the riddle and earn Andromeda's hand in marriage? He cuts off Calibos' hand which has the item needed to solve it and throws it down onto the steps, pretty much in front of the goddess favoring Calibos and all the people that worship her.

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