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City Slickers

  • Bruno Kirby (Ed Furillo) was extremely allergic to horses. Prior to each day of filming, he required an injection of allergy medication to get through the day.
    • Now that's true dedication.
  • Jack Palance as Curly and Duke equals total ownage!
  • Phil beating the crap of the Jerkass cowboys put in charge after Curly had died, and making one of them think he's about to shoot him.
    Phil: I'm not going to let them bully us anymore!...My father-in-law was a bully!...I hate bullies! Because bullies don't just bully you, they take away your dignity!
  • Not exactly in the movie itself, but when Jack Palance won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, he started doing one armed pushups on stage, at age 73, mind you.
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  • Mitch finally standing up to Curly - "If you're gonna kill me, then do it. If not, shut the hell up. I'M ON VACATION."- and finally earning the cowboy's respect.
  • Mitch, Ed, and Phil bringing in the herd, singing the theme to Bonanza.
  • Curly's Establishing Character Moment where he teaches the two cowhands who had been sexually harassing Bonny and about to start a fight with Mitch and company a little respect, including when he he throws a knife at the crotch of one and it comes within inches of hitting the guy right in the crotch.


City Slickers II

  • Mitch rescuing Glen just before he and the wagon he's in goes over the nearby cliff. Mitch even lampshades it.
    Glen: (freaks out when he spots Mitch) Wah! What are you doing?!
    Mitch: I'm saving you, you schmuck!

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