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Funny / Clash of the Titans (1981)

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  • When Perseus and Ammon first find the three gifts from the gods. Perseus considers taking a closer look at Athena's Helmet. Then he hears a voice coming from the shield (which is actually the voice of Zeus).
    Perseus: I'll try the helmet.
    Zeus: [inside the shield] No! Try me first!
    Perseus: [to Ammon] What did you say?
    Ammon: I didn't say anything. [points to the shield] The sound came from over by that statue of Hera. From, that shield!
    Zeus: [in the shield] Turn me round!
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  • This exchange:
    Thetis: Zeus once even tried to ravish me, disguised as a cuttlefish.
    Hera: Did he succeed?
    Thetis: Certainly not.
    Athene: What did you do?
    Thetis: Beat him at his own game — I simply turned myself into a shark.
  • Ammon randomly tosses his cloak and cat aside as he's looking for an outfit for Perseus.
  • After Perseus loses his magic helmet in his first battle with Calibos, Zeus petitions his daughter Athena, goddess of Wisdom, to replace the helmet with her pet owl, and she steadfastly refuses. Seeing Zeus, Lord of the Universe and the Father of Gods and Men playfully, then trepidatiously "command" his inflexible daughter in vain is both heartwarming and hilarious. The sneaky, childlike smile Laurence Olivier gives sets it off perfectly.
  • When Bubo (the mechanical owl) first appears, he lands on a tree branch. It promptly breaks and dumps him on the ground.


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