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  • While clearing the game on one credit is a Moment of Awesome in almost any arcade Shoot 'em Up, it's especially the case in Garegga simply because of the complex and counter-intuitive strategies (deliberately remaining underpowered, dying on purpose, etc.) needed to prevent the rank from reaching nigh-Unwinnable levels.
  • If you die, your ship explodes into shrapnel that can damage and even destroy enemies. If you are able to reach an extend threshold before the continue prompt (or Game Over screen if continues are off) appears, the game will hand out the extra life and keep going!


  • For the game's 20th anniversary, M2, known for their top-notch shoot-em-up and "3D Classics" Nintendo 3DS ports, dropped a hell of an announcement for the shoot-em-up community: A PlayStation 4 port of Battle Garegga with a remastered soundtrack by Manabu Namiki himself, a plethora of interface options to assist players, rigorous playtesting by actual Garegga pros to ensure an Arcade-Perfect Port, and a party to celebrate the upcoming release open to fans of the game. Two decades of Cult Classic status from dedicated players has truly paid off!


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