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Awesome / Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica

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  • Taking down Alfman after the shit he pulled throughout the game. While he is indeed a Well-Intentioned Extremist, he's also an extremely ruthless politician who tortured and infected numerous innocent girl with the IPD virus so the opportunity of taking him down after he tried to run away with his followers to a new land and leaving Metafalls to die with one of the Maidens needed to save it. It becomes ever more cathartic when you see Cloche's Infel Sphere and see the horrible things he did to her throughout her life.
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  • Cloche, when she saves Luca using her sword, proving the metal stick isn't just for decoration as her strike literally throws a soldier across the room! A few moments earlier, Luca deliberately allows herself to be executed with Cloche so that her uncontrollable power will activate and save them. The entire sequence doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, as the two have only recently begun to understand and like one another.
  • Cloche gets another when she musters the strength to Download and Sing EXEC_IMPLANTA/. to save all of the IPD Reyvateils on Metafalss despite herself being one and basically half-dead at that point. She follows it up by honoring Targana's request to "take his life" without actually killing him.
  • Jacqli can receive a song magic in Frelia's Cosmosphere near the end of the game. What is it? Phantasmagoria from the first game. So you can essentially have the main Reyvateils of the previous game help defeat the final boss. Include the members of Cloche's fan club and the grand total of Reyvateils involved in the Song can reach a total of 105! Luca is the only one who can't join in.
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  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, but Luca singing EXEC_VIENA/. to drop part of the Rim (including the home she grew up in and Reisha's grave) in order for Frelia to have enough energy to open up access to the Tower. Practically all of Metafalss cheers when they see the Tower appear.
  • Of all people, Alfman pulling a Heel–Face Turn and a You Shall Not Pass! on the Divine Army to allow the party to reach Sol Marta. Why did he do it? He was that moved by Cloche's speech at the start of Phase 5, acknowledging her growth and maturity into a fine leader.
  • The penultimate boss is a giant dragon-like creature that requires four phases to take down. When the party first sees it, Cloche immediately knows what to do. Cue a Gondor Calls for Aid moment as all of the IPDs connect with Cloche to attack the beast and allow the party to fight it directly.
    Luca: But against a dragon this large, what can we do...?
    Cloche: Replekia.
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  • You can't help but feel awesome when you deal more than a million damage to the Big Bad with 1.000.000% Replekia.
  • Infel giving Cloche a Get Ahold Of Yourself Man speech when Cloche's fear and hesitation nearly causes Metafalica to fail again (and kill Luca in the process), giving her the resolve to open her heart back up and her and Luca succeed in finally creating the new continent.


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