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Tear Jerker / Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica

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  • When Cloche learns that she and Luca share a birthday, she presents her with a gift and Luca reveals that it is basically the first birthday gift she'd ever received. However, it all falls apart when Luca throws it to the ground and shatters it in rage when accusing Cloche of killing her sister while everyone is in the IPD Lab. Cloche's path reveals that the act was far more devastating to her than anything up to that point in her life as she considered Luca her first friend despite the little annoyances they had with each other.
    • You also have to bad for Croix in this. Not only does his entire world shatter after he learns the Awful Truth that the Grand Bell has actually been capturing the IPD not to cure them, but to amass an army of young girls with uncontrollable powers forcibly given to them given by the Grand Bell, who were then taken away from their homes and thrown to a dungeon for their ambitions, there's also the betrayal of Leglius who revealed he knew the entire thing yet still complied with the government. The cherry on top is Luca's confession that she's been essentially using Croix and his feelings to get close to the Grand Bell in order to get into the labs and rescue her sister, and that she didn't really feel anything towards him. That was the final straw before Croix loses his temper at Luca for using him. By the time of the big decision of which girl he'll protect, he's completely questioning himself and his entire purpose, and uncertain if what he's doing is right or not.
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  • Miyuki Sawashiro doing a downright incredible job in her performance as Cloche during her Gilded Cage moments when she shows her vulnerable side and especially whenever Cloche is confronted with being returned to "the darkness" when she was held in the IPD labs.
  • The chosen heroine Taking the Bullet for the other heroine when they fail to sing Metafalica at the end of Phase 1, followed by the same heroine having lost the will to live when the group returns her Heart of Gaea to her body near the end of Phase 2. Thankfully, Croix is able to convince her to live.
  • Cocona's willingness to perform a Heroic Sacrifice to allow Croix to break through her Boundary Field and defeat Lakra in order to stop the Ascension Project because she thinks she is going to die either way. She is 11 years old!
  • The breakdown with Luca and Cloche in the Level 4 Infelsphere. After holding so much anger and hatred towards each other, the two ultimately have a massive blow up with scathing insults and attacks which ends with one of them attempting to kill the other by shutting down Infelsphere. Not is only painful, but incredibly terrifying knowing where it could lead.
    • The revelation of both girls' dark pasts. The biggest one being where Cloche revealed that why she became incredibly disassociated with others was because the one time a young girl managed to get in the palace and was made to disappear by Alfman. When Cloche tried to revoke the order and release the girl, Alfman had Cloche taken to a dungeon to be thrown in a dark room alone until she's been "disciplined".
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  • Reisha's death is a triple-whammy in that it was a Taking the Bullet moment for her, it happened right after she and Luca began to repair their relationship, and just after Cloche finally learned that Reisha is her birth mother. The fact that they have to drop the land where she's buried later on only makes it worse.
  • Luca's Level 8 wherein her main self has become an empty shell and restoring her involves helping Gengoro to overcome his own guilt at abandoning Luca, helping Luca re-embrace her childhood, and Croix accepting that every one of Luca's personas are good people and work together to make Luca who she is. This comes after the massive breakdown she has in Level 7.
  • Jacqli's True Level 8, wherein Croix learns that she is Mir from the first game and meets her as she was prior to her being betrayed followed by centuries of torment because of her actions: a sweet, caring girl who wants to Sing in the name of peace and help create a new world where everyone can be happy.
    Mir: If that happens... I wonder if they'll... forgive me...
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  • Infel solidifying her status as a Tragic Villain after her and Nenesha's defeat when the latter disappears for good. She gives Cloche one last pep talk to allow both Metafalica to succeed and for herself to be Killed Off for Real in order to be with Nenesha Together in Death.

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