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Awesome / Alpha (2018)

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"This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

  • The simple fact that Keda managed to travel over a distance of probably hundreds of kilometres, much of it during a time of year when his tribe hunkers down for the winter, without any help aside from Alpha, and they didn't even get along at first! As his father said: "He is stronger than you know. He is stronger than even he knows."
  • Alpha attacking a cave lion to protect Keda, and actually holding its own for a good while until Keda manages to shoot it.
  • The film's final shot, which shows the tribal hunting party in silhouette doing a Power Walk towards the camera. It doesn't take long to see that (1) the silhouette of Keda is front and center and (2) there are numerous wolves interspersed throughout the hunting party.

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