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Heartwarming / Alpha (2018)

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  • Watching Keda and Alpha bond over the course of the film is pretty incredible and touching at the same time.
  • Towards the end, when it appears as if Alpha is too weak to keep walking through the snowstorm, Keda urges her to keep walking, but then picks her up and carries her all the way to his village. This doubles as a Moment of Awesome, as he wasn't exactly in great shape either.
    • There's also the fact that Keda's tribe listens to Keda when he says that something's wrong with Alpha and takes her in to one of their tents, instead of immediately trying to kill her.
  • The reveal of Alpha's pups at the end can make one cry Tears of Joy.
    • The tribe shaman/wise woman/etc. is basically Alpha's midwife and immediately declares, "We welcome you to our tribe" for each pup, as if they were human infants.