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Awesome / A Voice Among the Strangers

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  • Jessica risking her life to save Dinky from a chimera. Also a Heartwarming Moment, especially since it comes right after Jessica has been through several days of hell at the hooves of two other unicorns.
    • In the same chapter, Ebony breaking herself and Jessica out of their cages by transforming into a manticore, before confronting Flim and scaring the piss out of him.
  • While fairly standard for her, Rarity managing to recreate Jessica's outfit - a sweater, a skirt, a bra and underpants - in one night with only the ruined originals to work with impresses both Jessica and Twilight.
  • In "Respite", Swift Dawn and Bastion rescuing Jessica from recapture by the Flim Flam brothers, with Swifty shielding her from a whip, as well as Rainbow Dash and Ebony's Go Through Me display.


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