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Heartwarming / A Voice Among the Strangers

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  • In "Arrival"/"Empathy", despite everything she's already been through (being caged and put on display in a sideshow by the Flim Flam brothers) Jessica still feels enough compassion for a starving Changeling she can't even communicate with to give her the powerup she needs to break them both out.
  • When Jessica wakes up in Ponyville Hospital in "Recovery"/"Innocence", Dinky's gratitude towards her saviour and Nurse Redheart's compassion for someone who she can already tell is not a foal-hunting predator manages to calm her down, even despite her unicorn-triggered PTSD. It really helps to sell her recovery from her traumatic first few days in Equestria.
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  • Rainbow Dash and Ebony leaping to Jessica's defence when the Flim Flam brothers attempt to recapture her in Baltimare.
  • The interactions between Jessica, the changeling foals, and Dinky are cuteness personified and filled with heartwarming moments.


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