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Funny / A Voice Among the Strangers

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  • The various ponies' reactions to the stinking, soiled remains of Jessica's clothing, especially Sweetie Belle calling it worse than Scootaloo's cooking.
  • While we're not quite sure of the context yet, Pinkie's decision to trust Ebony seems to be based on judging her impersonation of her (much like the "Do me! Do me!" scene in "A Canterlot Wedding"), causing much confusion to Jessica and everyone else.
  • The pillow fight that starts between Jessica, Ebony and Aurora Blossom in "Compassion", the highlights being when Pinkie Pie join in - Jessica is greatly confused by the fact that Pinkie already had her own pillows, and by her tendency to turn on her apparent teammate Rainbow Dash - and when Princess Celestia arrives - either she or Luna propels a pillow at Twilight before stopping it in midair and gently bapping her on the muzzle.
    • It flares up several times over the following chapters. When Vinyl Scratch gets involved, she uses her speakers to propel whole mattresses long distances.
  • In "Preparations", Jessica's reaction to realisng that Iron Will is attracted to her.
    It was about that point that her mind, which at the best of times was rebellious decided it wasn't going to have any part of this and clocked out. The sheer idea was ludicrous, something in her wildest dreams she never thought would occur was now happening in real life. A creature from mythology was trying to give her flowers. Her thoughts grew muddied as she stood there, her depression, her anger at her predicament, her helplessness all pushed aside as one thought slowly dominated the inside of her head.
    Jess: (...Bwah?)
    It was not the most intelligent thing that had ever crossed her mind, but right now the reality of what was occurring was just, too outlandish. Jessica was confused how he even found her attractive or if it was some strange minotaur custom to throw yourself at the first bipedal vaguely minotaur like female you saw. For one, she lacked horns, hooves, fur, pretty much anything that would define her as a cow, or-
    Jess: (You know what, not dwelling on it. I am not comparing myself to a cow.)


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