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  • Much of the background information for Pinball Magic, such as the background of Matra Magna and the Society of Masters, is only available in the operator's manual.
  • Likewise for Doctor Who, which has a rather complex story that is only available through the flyers, manual, and promotional video.
  • Most of the backstories for LittleWing's pinball games are presented only in the instruction manual or their web site. For instance, Mad Daedalus has a story about a Robo Ship between an ancient inventor and an alien AI, a power-mad tyrant king, and a Stable Time Loop, all in an 800-word introduction in the instruction manual.
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  • WHO dunnit has an overarching set of Plot Threads that connect the five suspects, most of which is only hinted at through the characters' various interrogation answers. A complete timeline for their personal histories is given in the operator manual.
  • The backstory for Strange Science is presented in an eight-page promotional comic book from Bally.
  • Similarly, the backstory for Fathom is given in a one-page comic on the front of the game's advertising flyer.
  • Scott Danesi's website indicates that the woman on the backglass of Total Nuclear Annihilation is named Scarlett.


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