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Wiki Development: Relationship Status

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For the week of Valentine's Day in 2014, a new feature was added to the forums: The ability to set a humorous relationship status to be displayed with a user's posts. An amusing idea, some users on the site support keeping it around as a permanent addition to the forum, while others would rather it go away.

The purpose of this crowner is to decide whether or not the Relationship Status feature will be kept or removed from the forum. So, darling, let us know, should it stay or should it go?

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Keep the Relationship Status feature, but make it an optional piece of forum gingerbread that can be selectively enabled or disabled to be seen—many people on the forum enjoy this feature, but a significant amount also would rather not see it.

Remove the relationship status feature—it is unnecessary and was only intended as a seasonal thing anyway.

Keep the Relationship Status feature as is—it is a fun little feature and a welcome addition to the forum.