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Wiki Development: Custom Title Renames

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At issue:

Thoughts on whether the custom title request feature should be used to perform renames on existing tropes.

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UP, in favor of custom titles being used for renames.

DOWN, in favor of custom titles NOT being used for renames.


  • Custom titles can be changed quickly using the custom-title request function.
  • Doesn't require manually changing related wikilinks - custom titles are automagically applied during the wikicode rendering.
  • Doesn't change the article's underlying Wiki Word or URL, no risk of breaking wikilinks or losing inbounds during rename discussions.


  • The primary purpose of custom titles is to replace the ptitle system. Custom-title-renames is just a side effect.
  • Not changing the article's canonical Wiki Word can create a disconnect between the source code and its (displayed) title. Specifically, the old Wiki Word is what gets displayed in the source code until it gets changed manually.
    • Potholes continue to display the old Wiki Word/URL without the custom title applied.
  • Breaks the alphabetic listing of tropes in indexes and work pages; requires manually fixing wikilinks.
  • Likewise, can break grammar if the old Wiki Word was integrated into a surrounding sentence. (e.g. "It just bugs me how..." -> "It Headscratchers me how...")
  • Minor tech detail: Requires setting up a Wiki Word corresponding to the custom title so that people can use it.