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Single Proposition: Translator Microbes

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Proposition: Rename Translator Microbes?



  • The name should not be read literally; the trope places no restrictions on precisely what the device is or how it works.
  • Alleged misuse by omission, i.e. not linking to the trope from other articles that could (or should) do so. Possibly because "Universal Translator" wasn't added as a redirect until now.
  • Redirects are arguably pre-existing terms, and certainly more widely-known. Both of them predate the current Trope Namer by decades.
  • "Universal Translator" in specific is Exactly What It Says on the Tin — can't get any more clear and concise than that. It can also be traced back as far as 1945 (according to Wikipedia).
    • Internet search results for "universal translator" consistently outnumber "translator microbes" by a factor of ten-to-one.


  • 200 wicks on the current name is a decent amount of use ("inertia").
  • Confusion or misuse is a small minority. Most wicks are in places where it makes no real difference which term is used to provide the link.