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Single Proposition: The Last DJ

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Do we rename The Last DJ?

Laconic: "Values his integrity over advancement."


  • Not always the last of something.
  • Not about DJs / Disc Jockeys.
  • Knowing a Tom Petty song is needed to understand the title — this particular DJ is an example of integrity over promotion but folks outside this in-group won't get that from just thinking of D Js.


  • "The Last X" is a phrase often used to mean "the last true X" or "the only X fighting for what X really means": beside the Trope Namer itself, there's The Last Lawyer, The Last Patriot and others.
  • No evidence of misuse has been found.
  • Very good wick count 88
  • Very good inbound links 303
  • Is not broke and thus fails the test of when to rename a trope.