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Single Proposition: Rename Planet Eris

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Rename Planet Eris?


  • The title "Planet Eris" is a reference to Eris, a goddess of chaos from the Discordian religion. The intended meaning was "Planet of Chaos". This meaning is lost for anyone who didn't read Principia Discordia or Illuminatus.
  • The title may be misleading for anyone who knows Eris from Greek mythology or The Iliad, rather than Discordianism. In Greek myths Eris was the goddess of strife, quarrels. Thus, the title may be understood as "Planet of Quarrels", which is misleading.
  • The title contains a name of a character (who is featured only in Principia Discordia and Illuminatus), which isn't a fine choice for a trope name, according to [1] and [2].
  • Unlike Xanatos Gambit, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, Planet Eris isn't. Xanatos' gambits are a fine example of Xanatos Gambit, while Planet Eris needs a good understanding of Discordian principles to become an example of the trope. And while Xanatos Gambit continues to exist, Xanatos Gilligan was renamed for the same reasons.
  • Mentioning Eris in this title is completely unnecessary, anyway. You could change the title to Planet Of Chaos, and it would be much more understandable.
  • The title was intended to mean "Planet of Chaos". However, this trope is not a world built without any order, or a world where chaos reigns. It's a world which is basically our normal Earth, where some weird things are added here and there, based on the Rule of Cool or Rule of Funny. Thus, even the intended meaning of the title doesn't actually represent what the trope is about.
  • There's a real planet named Eris, which has nothing to do with this trope. This fact may add to the overall confusion.
  • The trope is about any settings, not just planets. Thus, in a title where the second word may not be understandable, the word "planet" may be misleading for some.


  • A lot of people like the current name. It has become familiar to many tropers.
  • The Discordian definition of Eris (as the goddess of Chaos) may be more well-known than the Greek mythology definition (as the goddess of strife and quarrels). Thus, the risk of people misinterpreting the meaning of "Eris" in the title can be disregarded.
    • Similarly, the difference between "goddess of discord" and "goddess of chaos" is not large enough to confuse anyone.
  • The authors throwing many things into a normal environment without explanation, and the following result, may as well be considered chaotic, discordian. The environment of Planet Eris may be described as "our Earth, if it was created by a Discordian". Thus, the title delivers the meaning of the trope.
  • If someone doesn't know what "Eris" means, they can just memorize this name, like with Xanatos Gambit.
  • The word "planet" is a well-known euphemism for "world", "environment". Thus, at least one word in this title delivers the trope's meaning.
  • Fits in with other trope names that are not Exactly What It Says on the Tin in much the same way as this one. To understand the Xanatos Gambit you need to know who the heck Xanatos was, and be familiar with the source material—otherwise, the name given there is probably a lot more puzzling than Planet Eris. It took This Troper a while to figure out that it was the villain from Gargoyles as she honestly did not remember his name. This Troper still has no idea who Godwin was—or why he was such big stuff to get a trope named after him—but she still understands what the trope means.
  • In the case of Planetof Eris the only completely unintuitive name would be that is sooo intuitive that it is silly. Be glad we did not name this: The Gab Faval Of Noses Q ... as considering what this trope is suppose to cover—that is just as descriptive to the story lines.

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