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Single Proposition: Loot Boxes

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At issue:

Should Booster Packs be considered Loot Boxes?

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Should 'booster packs', as known from Collectible Card Games and Card Battle Games be considered Lootboxes?

  • Points in favour
    1. Comes in a 'pack' containing multiple pieces of randomized loot with a variety of rarities.
    2. Obtained outside the game proper
    3. Allows Bribing Your Way to Victory by their very nature of acquisition.

  • Points against:
    1. Often the game's only method of monetisation, effectively making booster packs the price of admission: You want to play, you pay for Booster Packs. Card Battle Games often contain a slower, free method of playing to obtain them.
    2. Have been used for decades (at least since 1993 where Magic: The Gathering was created) before the recent controversy about Loot Boxes entered the public opinion.