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Sandbox: Bleach Best Opening Take Two

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At issue:


Okay, after the fail that was site issues following what we were told was a DDOS attack, It's time to try bringing back and finishing up Crowner week. So, here we go! If there's any noticeable bugs, we'll/I'll have to put it on hold again. The first crowner will be a two day long test to see that it's all running again.

Which of ALL OF THE BLEACH OPENINGS does the Bleach thread find to be the best? [[note: I labeled each song's starting point in take 1, but the uploader took down that video, and I'm not going to do all that again.

Vote up which you like and down which you don't. Remember, if you don't know what something's referring to, check the above linked video!

Crowner Week polls are as follows:

First Take:
  1. Most attractive female
    • Winners: Yoruichi (15:5), Neliel Tu (15:6), Halibel (12:6)
  2. Most attractive male
    • Winners: Chad (12:6), Stark (12:7), Grimmjow & Kyoraku (10:6)
  3. Best opening CANCELLED!

Second take:
  1. Best opening - 6/15-16
    • Winners: 1 - Asterisk, by Orange Range (11:3), 6 - Alones, by Aqua Timez (10:3), 12 - chAngE, by Miwa (10:3)
  2. Best ending - 6-17
  3. Best Arc - 6/18
  4. Best ability - 6/19
  5. Best faction/division - 6/20
  6. Best fight - 6/21
  7. Best Character - 6/22

Each poll to last 24 hours, starting and ending midnight, "Central Daylight Time" (UTC-5, this time of year). If the crowner doesn't happen to get hooked, please make the page topper link to the active crowner!

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1 - Asterisk, by Orange Range

6 - Alones, by Aqua Timez

9 - Velonica, by Aqua Timez

12 - chAngE, by Miwa

2 - D-technoLife, by UVERworld

3 - Ichirin no Hana, by High and Mighty Color

10 - Shojo S, by SCANDAL

13 - Melody of the Wild Dance, by SID

7 - After Dark, by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

5 - Rolling Star, by Yui

8 - Chu-Bara, by Kelun

4 - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, by Beat Crusaders

15 - Harukaze, by SCANDAL

11 - Anima Rossa, by Porno Graffiti

14 - BLUE, by ViViD