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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:


Unwinnable By Design is attracting misuse for any situation that is literally unwinnable (deliberately made impossible/hopeless/etc.) — misuse is estimated at 45 percent based on various samples.

Trope definition:

Video Games (e.g. Adventure Games by Infocom or Sierra) where a player can easily make their game Unwinnable by taking (or failing to take) certain reasonable actions whose consequences are not discovered until later; because the developers made no attempts to prevent Unwinnable situations from developing.

How do we fix the misuse? Not all of these options are mutually exclusive.

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Merge back to Unwinnable

Do not rename. Merge the definition back into the Unwinnable supertrope and clean up wikilinks.

Trope Transplant

Move Unwinnable by Design to a better title that won't attract misuse. But instead of redirecting the old title, create a new trope for "intentionally unwinnable" games/situations.

Keep the name, but put a clarification in the description that any situation that fits the description "you can't win after doing this" is People Sit On Chairs.

Rename Unwinnable by Design

Preserve the definition, brainstorm for a title that better conveys the nature of the trope and won't attract future misuse.

Definition Change

Change the definition of Unwinnable by Design to a situation where the creators deliberately made it potentially unwinnable (what it's being misused as). Move current examples to Unwinnable by Mistake.