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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

The page Troll is frequently being misused to refer to the trope known as The Gadfly. It has also become clear that there may be a third trope here that needs its own page. Currently, The Gadfly describes a character who says things they don't necessarily believe in order to get a reaction - a tactic often used by internet trolls - and can be a funny person, while Troll refers to internet trolls. The third proposed trope is someone who manipulates others out of cruelty to hurt them.

Offsite and occasionally onsite trolling is used to refer to behavior we would refer to as either what The Gadfly does or the proposed cruelty variant.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Redefine tropes to:

  • The Gadfly: A prankster character who's not deliberately trying to be cruel. They play with people's heads for harmless amusement (for themselves or others).
  • Troll: Malicious and actively seeking to cause ill will toward his victims, whether on the internet or otherwise.

Transplant Troll's current definition to Internet Troll and rework the current article to focus on the manipulative, cruel character. This will separate the two tropes into three.

In addition to whatever else we decide, turn Troll into a disambiguation page that points to both the current page and mythological troll tropes.

Merge The Gadfly and Troll and do nothing else. This will leave one trope.

Do nothing

Merge The Gadfly and Troll and split off Internet Troll. This will leave two tropes.