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At issue:

Whether to rename The Mario. There's a long discussion in the forums you may want to read first.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Does The Mario need to be renamed?
Vote UP for yes, DOWN for no.

An Alternative Titles crowner has been created, here. Voting will remain open in this crowner as it did not reach the 2:1 threshold generally recommended.

There is lots of discussion about this issue in this thread; it would be a good idea to skim through it before voting.


  • Trope has fewer wicks than other similar Competitive Balance tropes
  • Amount of wicks is two standard deviations below the mean among its peers. That's comparable to scoring a 300 on the SAT. The only trope among its peers with a character-based, video-game-centric title is exactly the one with this problem.
  • Character named trope; the name doesn't have any additional context about the character to help convey the trope's meaning to non-familiar viewers.
  • Searches for the trope are dominated by Mario himself, even when given clues such as "+character" and "+balanced" to make it understand that we mean the trope. There is not nearly as much use for this trope with our meaning as there is for e.g. Fragile Speedster.
  • Character is known for other aspects than this trope.
  • It is listed on the Everything You Wanted To Know About Changing Titles page as a bad name.
  • The Grandfather Clause does not apply. And even if it did, that would not be a valid reason to not rename it.


  • Despite performing less well than similar tropes, there's a lot of use, indicating a healthy trope.
  • Trope has a healthy growth rate, averaging 130+ new inbounds per month over the last year-ish.
  • The Mario is less common than some of the other Competitive Balance tropes and has a narrower application (for example, it's rare to see it outside of Video Games), so it's not surprising if its numbers are lower than some of its peers.
  • General policy is to rename based on whether a trope is showing actual signs of being broken, not based on whether the name sounds like it should be confusing, and the actual stats here are indicative of a trope that's working okay as is (regardless of any theoretical problems it ought to have).
  • Repair action is already being taken—a Jack of All Trades trope is being split away. This may help clear up any existing confusion about the definition without the need for a rename.

Wick Check results:

Wick Check #1, September 10th, 2010:

  • Sample Size: 45
  • Random? Looks like it.
  • Categories:
    • Correct: 39
    • Incorrect: 2
    • Questionable: 4
  • Results: 86% correct, 4% incorrect, 9% questionable.

Note that the definition apparently being used was not "balanced stats", it appears to have been "multi-talented or jack-of-all-trades character". Because of this discrepancy, this wick check's validity is dubious.

Wick check #2, April 18th 2011

  • Sample size: 25
  • Random? No, in order starting at the top of the list
  • Categories:
    • Correct: 20
    • Incorrect: 1
    • Questionable but assumed to be correct: 4
  • Results: Correct: 80%, Incorrect: 5%, Questionable but assumed to be correct: 15%

As with wick check #1, the definition being used does not appear to be "balanced stats" but rather "jack-of-all-trades, multi-talented, or all-rounder". This wick check should be treated as being of dubious validity.

Wick check #3, July 20th, 2011:

  • Sample size: 10
  • Random? Yes
  • Categories:
    • Correct: 7
    • Incorrect: 1
    • Don't know: 2
  • Results: 70% correct, 10% misused, 20% don't know.

Wick check #4, July 23, 2011:

  • Sample Size: 27
  • Random? Yes
  • Categories:
    • Clearly Correct: 10
    • Clearly Incorrect: 5
    • Can't tell: 7
    • X Just X: 5
  • Results: Correct: 38%; Incorrect: 18%; Can't tell/X Just X: 44%

Wick Check #5, July 13, 2011:

  • Sample Size: 49
  • Random? No; in order starting from the bottom of the list
  • Categories:
    • Correct: 31
    • Probably Correct: 2
    • Not Sure: 6
    • Wrong; Clearly meaning "Multiple occupations or talents": 9
    • Wrong: referring to Mario the character: 1
  • Results: Correct: 63%; Probably Correct: 4%; Not sure: 2%; Wrong: 20%

The definition that was used is in question, since several of the "Correct" examples use terms like "all-arounder" or "well-rounded" but appear to be referring to range of abilities rather than stat balance.


  • The Mario found in: 726 articles, excluding discussions. This title has brought 2,404 people to the wiki from non-search engine links since 20th FEB '09.