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At issue:

The trope Tenchi Solution suffers from several identified problems.

First, it is being used to encompass separate and distinct resolutions to an Unwanted Harem or Love Dodecahedron situation: hero chooses all of them, hero chooses none of them, hero allows the status quo to continue.

Second, the Trope Namer is not an example of at least one of those outcomes ("choose none of them"), and is only partly an example of the other two because Word Of God made it a "choose all of them" after the fact.

Third, the trope name itself violates trope naming rules by relying on knowledge of a specific show to understand.

Fourth, there is likely significant confusion as to the meaning of the trope, confusing it with Polyamory among other things.

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Split into three tropes:

  1. A trope for taking multiple options rather than making a choice between them,
  2. A trope for not picking any of them and maintaining the status quo
  3. A trope for rejecting all options and walking away from the situation.

Split into two tropes:

  1. A trope for choosing multiple options rather than making a choice between them
  2. A trope that encompasses both not making a decision and making a decision to reject the situation.

Do nothing.