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Page Action: Statler And Waldorf Stingers

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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Not quite a page action so much as an item action.

This is what to do with the 80 or so Statler And Waldorf stingers scattered across the wiki.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Leave the stingers on the main pages.

Redraft the stingers so that they are about the page they are on, rather than the wiki.

Remove the ones on trope pages that don't utilize the trope of their respective page, and remove all on work pages.

Remove only the unfunny ones.

Remove only the ones that aren't relevant to the page they're on.

Remove only the ones on work pages.

Cut them all.

Move them to Just for Fun namespace of the trope pages.

Move them all to the Statler And Waldorf index.