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Cut. Spike Of All Trades is a list of characters named "Spike", that suggests that these characters are all cool, but for widely varying reasons (e.g. being Bad Ass; being an Anti-Hero; or something entirely different). Of course, numerous Spikes in fiction don't fit any of this, and these various traits are already covered on their respective trope pages.

Merge Spike Of All Trades into Names to Run Away from Really Fast. SoAT is about how charaters named 'Spike' are dangerous and darkly cool. This is the same as the trope NtRAFRF, except that the latter also accepts other names.

Redefine to Spike being used for a lone wolf bad boy archetype and remove examples that do not fit. Rename to fit the new trope.

[[Duplicate of two other options on the crowner, ignore.]]

Rename. Spike Of All Trades is a Snow Clone of Jack of All Trades, but is unrelated.