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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

These are pages that have been proposed to have their Real Life sections cut and tagged to not be recreated.

Vote UP to indicate you think the Page should have NO Real Life examples.

Vote DOWN to allow Real Life examples.

Items that have been stricken (like so) have already been decided, meeting the following requirements:
  • They have ten or more total votes,
  • have been on the crowner for at least 48 hours, measured from when the addition of the new crowner entry is announced in a thread post,
  • and are stable with at least a 2:1 vote ratio.

No further voting is needed on those items.

To check if something has already been voted on, please see Keep Real Life Examples.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

But Thou Must!: Narrative and video game trope. Impossible to apply to real life.

[Added 12th Sep '16 at 10:28:59 AM]

Pair the Spares: Gossip, and also a narrative trope which doesn't apply to Real Life.

[Added 13th Sep '16 at 01:05:05 AM]

Fan-Preferred Couple: Shipping trope.

added 18th Jul '16 at 10:48:14 AM]

Serial Killer: Undesirable content, it's way too big for the page and will grow far too large considering the friggin enormous amounts of serial killers out there in history, and frankly giving these folks attention is not something anyone should do.

[Added 2nd Sep '16 at 11:50:06 AM]

Good Bad Girl: Sex trope and gossip. Ethical Slut is already under NRLEP.

[Added 5th Jul '16 at 05:06:58 PM]

Young Future Famous People: Impossible to apply to real life.

[Added 12th Aug '16 at 09:29:22 PM]

Prima Donna Director: Gossip.

Added 18th Aug '16 at 07:01:11 AM]

Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Tales of rape, general examples, gossip... yeah, this is a perfect storm.

[Added 1st Sep '16 at 03:05:59 PM]

Snark Bait: YMMV trope about things that are begging to be made fun of.

[Added 28th Jul '16 at 08:15:24 AM]

Celeb Crush: Too common in real life to trope, covers personal lives/relationships of creators, implied sexualization of minors.

[Added 4th Aug '16 at 04:42:50 PM]

Politically Motivated Teacher: Gossip and controversy.

[Added 23rd Aug '16 at 11:04:39 AM]

Mook Lieutenant: Villain trope. Mooks is already under NRLEP.

[Added 14th Jul '16 at 07:44:49 AM]

Not So Different: Morality trope.

[Added 11th Aug '16 at 06:41:15 AM]

Asbestos-Free Cereal: Complaining and natter.

[Added 8th Sep '16 at 08:24:57 PM]



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