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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

These are pages that have been proposed to have their Real Life sections cut and tagged to not be recreated.

Vote UP to indicate you think the Page should have NO Real Life examples.

Vote DOWN to allow Real Life examples.

Items that have been stricken (like so) have already been decided, with ten or more total votes, more than 48 hours on the crowner, and are stable with at least a 2:1 yes/no ratio. No further voting is needed on those items.

To check if something has already been voted on, please see Keep Real Life Examples.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Men Are Better Than Women: Flame Bait trope.
[Added 27th May '15 at 08:01:27 AM]

Women Are Wiser: Flame Bait trope.
[Added 27th May '15 at 07:47:46 AM]

Anorgasmia: Already listed as NRLEP on the page, and would likely be all speculation and gossip in the real life examples. Sexuality trope.
[added 29th May '15 at 02:24:45 AM]

Corrupt Hick: Villain Trope. Similar tropes (Corrupt Corporate Executive and Corrupt Politician) are already NRLEP.
[Added 24th May '15 at 05:57:22 AM]

All Take and No Give: All general examples (until they were deleted) and any non-general real-life example would likely fall under speculation and gossip about individuals.
[Added 14th May '15 at 10:13:07 PM]

Family Values Villain: Villain/Evil Trope
[Added 24th May '15 at 01:08:58 AM]

Villain Song: Villain trope.
[Added 23rd May '15 at 07:05:29 AM]

Bad Guys Play Pool: Villain Trope.
[Added 15th May '15 at 09:02:40 AM]

Bad Boss: Nattery gossip about RL people.
[Added 15th May '15 at 06:24:55 AM]

I'd request that all folders needs their own pages, but be sure you lock all of them.

The Bad Guys Are Cops: Villain Trope.
[Added 15th May '15 at 09:03:10 AM]

Bad-Guy Bar: Villain Trope.
[Added 15th May '15 at 09:02:55 AM]