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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Deciding which pages should have their Real Life sections removed, and be listed on No Real Life Examples Please. Reasons to do so include contentiousness and high potential for flame wars.

Vote UP if you think the page's RL section should be cut.

Vote DOWN if you think the page should still be allowed RL examples.

Items with the trope name stricken (like so) have already been decided, with ten or more total votes, more than 48 hours on the crowner, and at least a 2:1 yes/no ratio. No further voting is needed on those items.

To check if something has already been voted on, please see Keep Real Life Examples.

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Back from the Dead: The trope only involves possibilities available in fiction. None of the real life examples fits the trope description, involving misuse or shoehorning. [Added 15th Feb '14 at 08:29:25 PM]

Informed Attractiveness: Too Subjective. [Added 14th Feb '14 at 09:43:19 PM]

Contractual Immortality: Impossible in real life, and misused as "survives many attempts to kill the person". [Added 15th Feb '14 at 08:22:19 PM]

Create Your Own Villain: Villain Trope. Talks about people turning evil, usually because of one particular person's or group's actions. Thread mode, discussion on main page, and natter present. [Added 22nd Feb '14 at 05:35:25 PM]

Vampire Invitation: No vampires in real life, shoehorned example. [Added 19th Feb '14 at 08:43:39 AM]

Powered by a Forsaken Child: Way too controversial, shoehorned examples, borderline creepiness in regards to children, and soapboxing. 23rd Feb '14 at 06:06:20 PM

Humor Dissonance: People Sit On Chairs [Added 14th Feb '14 at 09:38:33 PM]

Dirty Old Man: We REALLY don't need to know. Also kind of flame bait material. 24th Feb '14 at 05:50:57 AM

Informed Ability: Trope requires a creator's intent that doesn't exist in real life. [Added 14th Feb '14 at 09:40:38 PM]

Madonna–Whore Complex: Flaming.
[Added 14th Feb '14 at 09:41:17 PM]

Informed Loner: Not possible as described in Real Life. Three somewhat shoehorned RL examples.
[Added 25th Feb '14 at 09:02:44 PM]

Deadpan Snarker: Is used as "person made funny remark I like". The visual aspect of the trope (emotionless "deadpan" expression) is lost. Is used as an excuse to gush.
[Added 9th Feb '14 at 08:08:19 AM]

Dawson Casting: Impossible in Real Life.
[Added 14th Feb '14 at 09:40:51 PM]

Informed Flaw: Trope requires a creator's intent that doesn't exist in real life. [Added 14th Feb '14 at 09:45:36 PM]

Informed Judaism: Common in Real Life.
[Added 25th Feb '14 at 09:01:54 PM]

Your Normal Is Our Taboo: A form of (already NRLEP) Values Dissonance, possible acrimony/ [Added 21st Feb '14 at 09:09:00 AM]

The crowner is for voting on pages. Not opening discussion on pages. Do that in the thread, please.

Informed Location: Impossible in Real Life.

Duplicate entry removed.

Alleged Lookalikes: Impossible in Real Life.
[Added 25th Feb '14 at 09:03:33 PM]

The Friends Who Never Hang: Possible in Real Life.
[Added 25th Feb '14 at 09:01:05 PM]