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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Deciding which pages should have their Real Life sections removed. Reasons to do so include contentiousness and high potential for flame wars.

Vote UP if you think the page's RL section should be cut.

Items with the trope name stricken (like so) have already been decided, with ten or more votes and at least a 2:1 yes/no ratio. No further voting is needed on those items.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Beyond the Impossible - Acknowledges itself it should not logically exist.

Growing the Beard - Do we really need a list of bearded men for this? It's not even the trope itself.

Honor Before Reason - Seems to be attracting arguments over the examples, leading to Natter over what is exactly an honorable decision

Woobie - natter, objectification of real people, and People Sit On Chairs since anyone can be one.

Alien Lunch - Cannot happen in Real Life as of this time (as in there are no alien species), Unfortunate Implications re cultural differences are possible, and examples are Square Peg, Round Trope

Balloon Belly - Unnecessary and fetishy, we don't need to know everything in Real Life with a balloon belly

Ruined Forever - People (except for Adolf Hitler) can't be Ruined Forever in Real Life and it's complaining.

Yandere Do we really need a list of people who killed their spouses, lovers, children - with three Square Peg, Round Trope examples in it?

Disgusting Public Toilet - Too Much Information and far too common in Real Life to list examples of them

Home Porn Movie - we don't want to refer people to them.

Token Evil Teammate - problem with calling real life people evil.

Break the Cutie - Do we really need to know how real-life "cuties" were "broken"

Talking Poo - Cannot happen in Real Life. If you think it is, please call a psychiatrist and have a chat.

Heroic Bastard: One man's hero is another man's villain.

Manipulative Bastard: Invites rambling on politicians and historical figures.

Obfuscating Stupidity - calling real people stupid, or at least saying they're feigning stupidity. Also too wide a net -includes everyone from Muammar Gaddafi to Paris Hilton.

The Alcoholic — we don't want the gossip. Besides, it's so usual that a RL section could become really exhaustive.

Abusive Parents - gossip magnet and do we really need it?

Big Eater - We don't need real-life examples of overeating and fat people.

Magnificent Bastard - do we really need this for Real Life? Even though the Trope Namer was real, still...

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! - politics, looks like a huge pile of Flame Bait just waiting for a grenade to be thrown into it.

Five-Man Band - Alarmingly frequent misusage

There Is No Kill Like Overkill - seems to be a place for weapons obsessives to wank over Gun Porn.

Beware the Nice Ones - potential gossip problems, examples overlap with other sections

Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking - politics and religon

invalid option, ignore