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At issue:

The Pragmatic Hero YKTTW is suffering from a problematic description. Here are some options to consider.

These options are not mutually exclusive.

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Split into:

  • A Hero who is The Unfettered. They commit villainous acts to further the cause of good, and generally regard having values as a weakness, but their goals are always on the side of good.
  • A Hero who is pragmatic, but not The Unfettered. They have their own principles, they just reject the normal heroic ethics as practiced by The Cape or a Knight in Shining Armor.

Create the description entirely in TRS and run it through YKTTW for example gathering only.

Split into:

  • A hero who breaks the rules for a good cause, which might range from jaywalking to arson and murder, to genocide and torture, but it's all for a good cause. Some (Harry Potter and Dirty Harry might be examples) are quite moral people that are simply investigating a crime using their own methods rather than the official rulebook, others are The Unfettered, and still others are just plain nasty, dark heroes.
  • A sliding scale of how far a hero is willing to go into morally questionable territory to serve the cause of good.

Keep as is, but refine the description.

Do nothing.