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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

The 500 BC cutoff date between Older Than Dirt and Older Than Feudalism causes confusion and misuse in wicks and examples. Classical Mythology is split between the two indexes, and so is The Bible. It takes careful research to figure out what date any story was written to know which index it belongs in. This is a huge pain, and people aren't doing it.

Renaming or not will be a separate crowner.

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Change the cutoff date to 800 BC.

Pros: All the same pros as using 900 BC with the addition of keeping the Vedas together.

Leave the cutoff date at 500 BC.

Pros: Keeps the original page design.

Cons: Tropers will probably not want to do complicated research before adding each example. Misuse will probably continue.

Neutral: The oldest classical Chinese philosophy will still all be in one place: Older Than Dirt. There are no tropes from classical Chinese philosophy on the index right now.

Change the cutoff date to 900 BC.

Pros: All of Classical Mythology and The Bible will be in one place: Older Than Feudalism. Indexing tropes and examples will be much easier. What myths go where will be much simpler and clearer.

Cons: The current version of the Vedas are from 1100-800 BC according to this: [1]

Change the cutoff date to 700 BC.

Pros: Most of Classical Mythology and The Bible will be in one place (Older Than Feudalism)

Cons: Some parts of Greek Mythology and The Bible are older than 700 BC, so this will still be somewhat confusing and complicated.